3 Food Gifts for your girlfriend that would never disappoint her

What girls like is strikingly different from what guys like. Food is no exception. Women usually like sweeter, more visually appealing food. Let’s get to the point and see what food your gal might like to get!

1. Chocolates 

Who doesn’t like chocolates? Women LOVE chocolates unless they are allergic to them. Chocolates are sweet, just like love. Love and chocolates are like perfect combinations. Get her a box of Godiva or high-end chocolates and she will love them! (One Caveat: Not a wise choice if your girlfriend is losing weight.)

2. Cupcakes

Cupcakes are like competitors to chocolates. They taste even sweeter and look prettier. To women, cupcakes are like handbags in the fashion industry. They are pretty to look at, delicious when eaten, and something they can post on Facebook. Get her a box of cupcakes (delicious ones!) and she will be delighted. Make sure you get them from famous cupcake shops though. When cupcakes don’t taste good, they will have to be thrown away. 😦 Get the prettiest ones.

Tip: Most women like Red Velvet or chocolate cupcakes!!

3. Wine and Cheese

What can be more romantic than wine and cheese? It’s something that you can get for her and enjoy with her. If she’s not familiar with wine, get her a wine or champagne that is sweet, fruit flavored, and not too bitter. Buy some cheese that match perfectly with the wine you bought. Flowers can also be a good match with wine.

Any other food gifts you want to recommend? Please leave a comment!:)


Bio: Emily is the marketing director at Funfundate, a social matching game dedicated to connecting people with like-minded singles nearby in a stress-free, fun way. She likes to cook, travel, and read books.

3 BEST Gifts for your girlfriend

As a woman, I feel like a lot of men make mistakes when buying their girlfriends a gift. When you’ve been with your girlfriend for more than a year, it’s really time for you to give her something practical, something she can wear or use in real life. Pretty dolls, cute pens, flowers are welcome but only for the first few months of a relationship. So, what should you get her? Image

1. Tech Products

If your girlfriend happens to be tech savvy, get her a tech product or related accessories, like Iphone speaker dock, Ipod touch, Ipad, Kindle…you name it! She will love it and play with it for a long, long time and think of you whenever she uses it.

2. Wallet

 If your girlfriend had the same wallet for a long time, it’s time to buy her a new one! It doesn’t even have to be an expensive wallet. You can even buy her a card holder or coin purses instead if your budget is tight. She will think of you whenever she takes out her wallet!


(Image caption:thefashionfoot.com)

3. Shoes

Women innately love shoes. Some are quite addicted to buying shoes. You buy her heels, she will be loyal to you forever! Take her to the department store and buy her a new pair of shoes that she likes! (Women have different preferences when it comes to shoes.) Or you can secretly get her shoe size and buy her one that is exchangeable and refundable (in case it doesn’t fit her well!)


There are other great choices like clothes, bags, cosmetics, and so on, but these are the ones that me and my friends really liked! What was your favorite gift you received from your boyfriend?