3 Budget-Friendly Weekend Date Ideas

Thank god it’s weekend again! What are your plans for this weekend? Are you planning to go on a date and wanna do something fun?

Here are 3 Budget-Friendly Weekend Date Ideas!




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1. Date-at-the-Zoo

Watching and touching cute animals, and taking a walk or tour around the zoo are perfect activities for a couple to have fun and feel as if they are back to childhood!

TIP: Dress naturally, and make sure to sit down at some point and spend some time to share your favorite activities with your date!


2. Volunteering

If you’ve volunteered before, why don’t you take your date to the same place and volunteer together? By supporting a cause together, you can feel closer to your date, check whether your date cares about others and not just him or herself, and give back to the community at the same time!

Caveat: Ask your date in advance if he or she likes to volunteer. Some people prefer donating to volunteering.


3. Invite him or her to your place

You don’t even have to be a good cook. You can order food delivery and invite your date over to your place. After a meal, you can watch a DVD or your date’s favorite TV show, play a game, show her your yearbook…There are many things you can do at home! Make sure your place smells good and is clean!


(More ideas on: http://www.slideshare.net/funfundate/social-dating-a-practical-guide-by-funfundate)

[Weekly OMFG] Who would Taylor Swift pick for her next date?

Hmmmm….. I Pick Leo because he was very charming in the Great Gatsby, but after I watch Star Trek, I might change my mind!

I should probably start posting movie reviews. Watching movies is one of my favorite weekend activities. I watch at least one movie a week!

P.S. The Great Gatsby was okay, not as good as a book (No Surprise!), but Leo was really really cute.


[Weekly OMFG] Who would Taylor Swift pick for her next date?

Leonardo Dicaprio VS. Chris Pine!!

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