For Girls:5 EASY steps to make men fall in love with you

When you are on a first date and you really like this guy, it’s pretty hard to hide your feelings. But it’s also important that you make him fall in love with you as well.


Here’s 5 easy steps you can use to make him get infatuated with you.

[Caveat: You will have to be a little bit manipulative (I would prefer the word “strategic”)!]


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1. Compliment him (but don’t lie)!

You know the book called “Compliments Make Even Whales Dance”? On a first date, you can make him happy by complimenting him on…pretty much anything you can find! His outfit, cute smile, great sense of humor, great voice, his awesome career or educational background, his awesome body…

(Caveat: You shouldn’t be lying when you’re complimenting your date. For example, if his clothes are shabby and seem like he bought them 10 years ago, you shouldn’t say his outfit looks amazing. He will notice that you don’t mean it!)

2. On a first date, wear sexy clothes (but not too showy)!

Wear something cute and girly, but add some sexiness to it. For instance, you can wear a cute blouse that emphasizes your narrow waist, or match it up with blue or black jeans that emphasize your curvy bust. Anything too showy is not very good on a first date if you are looking for a long-term relationship.


3. Develop active listening skills.

When he talks, show that you actually “care” and are curious to get to know more about him. Try leaning toward him to show that you’re listening, or at least nod often! A small change can really help boost your chance of being asked out for a second date!

4. Let him know you’re “compatible” with him.

If he likes to eat delicious food and you happen to be a good cook, then let him know (with enthusiasm)! Finding common interests and talking about them (and sharing your stories about them) will make the conversation much more engaging and fun!

5. Don’t call him first, but answer sincerely when he calls.

Be hard to get. Wait till he calls you and asks you out for a second date. But when you answer his call, you should show that you’re happy to hear back from him again (but don’t be too excited), implying that you had a lot of fun on the first date!


Easy, right? What are your strategies to make guys fall in love with you? I would love to hear from you!

Advice: 10 Things Everyone Should Know by 25

When you turn age 25, you realize that life is not what you once imagined it was. When you were in college, nothing can be too challenging: when you study hard, you can get a solid grade. If not, screw it, you can just do better in other classes and make it up somehow. You feel that you are quite in control of your life, because everything is pretty much organized. You attend classes, work part-time or intern, major in any study you like, make new friends, hang out with new friends, etc. However, when you reach 25, you start feeling a little unstable in life. Bad things can happen unexpectedly, your long-term plan doesn’t really work well, and life doesn’t flow the way you want it to be. You may start to learn that nothing comes easily, and you need to make some kind of effort and form your own strategies to get what you want.

For my young blog readers who will turn age 25 soon, I compiled a list of 10 things that every man and woman should know by 25.

 1. Don’t compare yourself to other people.

Every human being is different. You are unique. It doesn’t matter if your mom’s friend is super hot, smart, dates a billionaire, has a dream job, or lives in a high-end apartment. Comparing you to your friend would only make you feel inferior and depressed.

2. Find a “secret” mentor.

Your secret mentor could be Steve Jobs, Warren Buffet, Hillary Clinton, or anyone you admire. Your secret mentor will live “inside” your heart and teach you how to live the life you want. Your mentor will encourage you to work harder towards your goal, develop good habits, and surround yourself with good friends. Analyze how they lived their life and learn from them!

3. Learn how to have fun.

If you spent all your time studying, it’s a sign that you need to go out there and have some FUN! Go clubbing with friends, try bungee jumping, date all kinds of people, fall in love at first sight…there are lots of ways to have fun!

4. Live in another country.

If you’ve only lived in one country so far, it’s time to get out of your comfort zone and live somewhere else, at least for a few months. Living in another country will broaden your perspective. It’s also a ton of fun!

5. Meet people outside your social circle.

If you are a type of person who hangs out only with a certain group of people, it’s time for you to expand your social circle! Making friends with all kinds of people will make you become a more open-minded, sociable person!

6. Fall in love passionately.

I’m not saying you should fall in love “often” but when you do, you should do so with all your heart. Loving and caring for someone enthusiastically is one of the best experiences and memories you can have in life.

7. Become Mr./Ms. Independent!

Are you still relying on your parents or friends to help you make good decisions? You need to try making decisions and choices by yourself so that you can develop a good judgmental skill. You can’t rely on others forever!

8. Keep in touch with old friends

You will be constantly making new friends at college, social events, work, pretty much anywhere you go. But you still need to stay in touch with a few good old friends! Good friendships can last forever and truly enrich your life.

9. Try something new. Take risks.

I strongly encourage you to try something completely new, like starting your own small venture, doing a random internship, travelling to a third world country, and so on. It will make your life much more exciting!

10. Do not be afraid of failure.

This doesn’t apply only to entrepreneurs. It’s okay to fail. In fact, you will make lots of mistakes in life. If you find yourself in a slump, don’t get too emotional or frustrated. Learn to overcome obstacles quickly. Improve your mental strength, and you will be able to stay mentally strong in all circumstances.