3 Food Gifts for your girlfriend that would never disappoint her

What girls like is strikingly different from what guys like. Food is no exception. Women usually like sweeter, more visually appealing food. Let’s get to the point and see what food your gal might like to get!

1. Chocolates 

Who doesn’t like chocolates? Women LOVE chocolates unless they are allergic to them. Chocolates are sweet, just like love. Love and chocolates are like perfect combinations. Get her a box of Godiva or high-end chocolates and she will love them! (One Caveat: Not a wise choice if your girlfriend is losing weight.)

2. Cupcakes

Cupcakes are like competitors to chocolates. They taste even sweeter and look prettier. To women, cupcakes are like handbags in the fashion industry. They are pretty to look at, delicious when eaten, and something they can post on Facebook. Get her a box of cupcakes (delicious ones!) and she will be delighted. Make sure you get them from famous cupcake shops though. When cupcakes don’t taste good, they will have to be thrown away. 😦 Get the prettiest ones.

Tip: Most women like Red Velvet or chocolate cupcakes!!

3. Wine and Cheese

What can be more romantic than wine and cheese? It’s something that you can get for her and enjoy with her. If she’s not familiar with wine, get her a wine or champagne that is sweet, fruit flavored, and not too bitter. Buy some cheese that match perfectly with the wine you bought. Flowers can also be a good match with wine.

Any other food gifts you want to recommend? Please leave a comment!:)


Bio: Emily is the marketing director at Funfundate, a social matching game dedicated to connecting people with like-minded singles nearby in a stress-free, fun way. She likes to cook, travel, and read books.

Launching a new product: 4 Things to Analyze (Case study of a dating industry included)

When you’re thinking about launching a new product, you need to think about 4 things first to make sure that you have a high chance of success.

They are: Industry, Competition, Customer, and Company (including Product).


(Image credit: economiaefinanza.blogosfere.it)

1. Industry

-Industry lifecycle (is it emerging? mature? declining?)

For instance, in the online dating industry my company is in, it is a mature market and there are lots of small and big players.

-Is the industry growing?

-Is it heavily regulated? Any legal issues?

-What is the barrier to entry and exit?

(The higher the fixed cost, the higher the barrier to entry.)

-What drives this industry? (Is it brands, technology, etc)

For instance, the online dating industry is driven by two things: innovative technology + marketing.

-How profitable is the industry?

2. Competition

-Who are the major players and what market share do they have? Is it monopoly? oligopoly? etc.

For example, in online dating industry, there are about 3 major players which have been around for a decade or so, and they hold 60% market share total.

-Product analysis: any differentiating factors?

-Distribution channels, suppliers, target customers

-pricing strategies

-any substitutions?

3. Customer

-Who’s our target customer? (Segment by channel, by product, region, type)

-Figure out any trends and needs

-Willingness to pay, price elasticity and sensitivity

-Which Distribution channels do they like?

For example, do they want to buy online? on mobile? in the supermarket? in the store?

4. Company/Product

-What are your product’s differentiating factors?

For instance, my product, Funfundate, sends you 2 daily matches and lets you pick which one is hotter, thus gamifying the product and positioning it as “a social matching game” instead of an “online dating service.”

-is it a commodity product or premium? (which affects pricing)

-Pricing- How much would we charge for? What’s our revenue model like?

-Cost of manufacturing/building and distributing the product

-Then, Predict revenue/year

-Then, figure out if you can break-even?

For instance, it costs you $1 million (fixed sum) to build a product, and $500K of variable cost per year. But if you can only make $300K per year given the number of customers you predict and price you set, you cannot break even ($300K<$500K), and this doesn’t even take into account the initial cost of $1 mil.

-Can you finance the product? how?


Do you think your product will be successful in your market? How big is the market size? How competitive is the industry? Can you differentiate? Can you fulfill the needs of your target customers? Is your product expensive or cheap? How can you finance your product?

If you analyze the industry, competition, customer, and company (and its product), you can at least avoid some pitfalls. This analysis alone doesn’t gauge success or failure, but you can get a deep insight into your market and know what you are signing up for. Think strategically and objectively. Don’t fall into a trap of loving your “idea” too much because it can mislead you in determining whether your product will be successful!


Bio: Emily is the marketing director at Funfundate, a social matching game dedicated to connecting people with like-minded singles nearby in a stress-free, fun way. She likes to cook, travel, and read books.


References: Marc P. Cosentino’s Case in Point, Michael Porter’s Five Forces

[Asian Food] Fried Rice with Kimchi (Recipe Included)

Have you heard of Korean Bibimbop, Korean Bulgogi Taco, or Kimchi-Bulgogi Hot Dog? If you live in New York, you might have at least heard of them. (I noticed almost a lot of New Yorkers are foodies!) There is a rise in popularity of Korean food especially among New Yorkers. Even some of the most popular fine dining restaurant chefs are intrigued by it. They visit South Korea to taste the real Korean food and get inspired. It used to be only Korean Americans and Korean international students in NYC who enjoyed a yumminess of Korean food at restaurants in K-Town. This is no longer the case. We see more and more fine dining restaurant chefs who started to experiment with it and add some Korean flavor to their dish.

One of the most common dishes in Korea is Kimchi. It’s not even a dish itself. It’s more like a side dish you can have with your main dish. Kimchi goes well not just with Korean dishes but also with American, Japanese, Chinese, French… you name it. You can eat Kimchi separately as a side dish or use Kimchi as one of the ingredients for your dish. I personally like both. Yummm!

My favorite Korean dish which has Kimchi in it as an ingredient is Kimchi Fried Rice.


I’m a huge fan of fried rice. I love Japanese,Chinese, Thai, and even Vietnamese versions of  fried rice. Fried rice is the best.Asian.food ever. With Kimchi in it, it gets even better.

When you eat a typical Asian fried rice (as a main dish), you often need some side dishes or other main dishes to eat with it because fried rice itself is not salty, sweet, or spicy. You need something to spice it up a little bit. Kimchi is the best ingredient for this!

Before you start cooking fried rice, start with Kimchi. Cut Kimchi into small pieces and put them all into your pan. (Heat the pan, add the oil, as usual.) You stir fry them until they start changing their color (between red and brown). Then, you add all other ingredients into the pan and make fried rice as you did before. You can also add some Kimchi juice (red liquid included in your Kimchi pack) to your fried rice as you are cooking. Adding Kimchi to your fried rice will make the dish look RED and taste spicy! It tastes heavenly.

Caveat: If you put too much Kimchi in there, it will get too spicy.

My other favorite Kimchi dishes are Kimchi Jigae and Kimchi Bulgogi, and I will share my recipes in later posts. What do you think about Korean food? Do you like them? Share your favorite K-dish by leaving a comment below!:)


Bio: Emily is the marketing director at Funfundate, a social matching game dedicated to connecting people with like-minded singles nearby in a stress-free, fun way. She likes to cook, travel, and read books.

Lesson from OMGPOP shut-down: Don’t get acquired by Zynga?

I just heard the unfortunate news that OMGPOP no longer exists. Zynga shut it down officially, and strangely it seems like some OMGPOP employees found out about their layoff via Facebook. What happened between these 2 companies?

I used to be a huge fan of OMGPOP’s Draw Something. It was a fun, social game I used to enjoy with my friends. Then one day, I read about Zynga’s acquisition of OMGPOP, and this quickly made me lose interest in the game and switch to another similar game. It’s not that I don’t like Zynga but that I thought OMGPOP had so much potential but they lost it by getting acquired by a big, established company.

Zynga has had a bad reputation for a while. A company with a bad reputation never survives long. When talented, creative people start leaving, or when a company lays off talented people, that’s often a bad sign.


What Zynga is doing wrong is as follows:

1. Zynga doesn’t have a respect for the company they acquired.

They acquired a creative, popular game company and they shut it down because they think it’s a “mistake”? Rather than trying to resolve conflicts and use OMGPOP’s talents to develop an innovative game, Zynga decides that it will just shut the whole thing down and lay off all of its employees. From now on, no start-ups are going to be “excited” about getting acquired by Zynga.

2. Zynga is known to copy games from others. A big no-no.

Talented people would no longer want to work for Zynga. Would you want to work for an established, popular company that copies games from others?

3. Zynga made an acquisition in a hurry.

Zynga obviously wanted to acquire OMGPOP because its game went viral and very popular internationally. Post-acquisition culture clash is actually quite common, but Zynga should have been more careful about the acquisition. Both companies and their management teams need to trust each other and share their visions.  It seems that neither were ready for M&A.

If Zynga wants to fix its damaged reputation and become a beloved, innovative company again, instead of acquiring start-ups hastily, hire some killer talents and let them freely create an innovative game that is not copied nor similar to other games. The management should be nice to all of your employees, and benchmark other company’s creative culture like Facebook’s if necessary.

Inspirational Quotes of the Week

We all need some quotes to help us to get inspired once in a while. It’s remarkable how a few words can sometimes cheer people up, make them happy, or even change their perspectives. It’s something that every human being on the Internet needs in order to give themselves a break from reality and reflect on their life. This week’s inspirational quotes are as follows:


Believe there’s good in the world.


Today, you are you.


Love will always cost you grief. Love is always worth the price.


Being fab is the BEST revenge.

(->My favorite quote!)

Cheer Up everyone! Have a great week.



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